Ayakoh Furukawa

I have been creating art for long time, yet I never forget fundamental question about Art.

Why do I make art?  
Is my art  necessary to the world? 
Does my art  resonate in people’s mind? 
What is the identity of my art?  

I always think about such things until I get tired of thinking.  And then I start making art again. Laugh…
The world we exist that is full of wonders  constantly inspires me and  I create art in response to it.
When I concern a new theme for my art, I think about it even when I'm being shaken by the subway.  The New York Subway always gives me enough time. Laugh…
Sometimes there is an unknown impulse from a deep part of  my mind then I create art.

Art is life. Art is a pleasure. Art is beautiful.  Art is difficult and burdensome. Art is a proof what makes human as fully human.
Some people create, others appreciate.  I am an artist who dedicates one's life to manifests the Art.
Art is troublesome, yet this  is my life.

Ayakoh was born in Japan and moved to New York for  the pursuit of Art/her life 18 years ago.  She lives and works in Queens,
New York. She has received both BFA and MFA from Hunter College, CUNY. 


Title: Young Mary with Her Son
Media: Graphite and Ink on Paper
Size: 80" x 42"


Title: LRRH and Wolves
Media: Ink on Wood Panel
Size: 20" x 16"


Title: Japonica: Okashi
Media: Sumi-ink, Watercolor on Rice Paper Mounted on Canvas
Size: 14” x 11”

Furukawa_04_Lost_Childhood_Lucy md.jpg

Title: Lost Childhood: Lucy
Media: Oil, Acrylic and Marker on Canvas


Title: Torturing the Innocent
Media: Oil on Canvas
Size: 12” x 9”