Kim Mi Jung

My artistic perspective arrived from the view of nature that forms various

imaginations including dreams, recollections, and dynamic interactions thereof.  My art is to depict the more intangible and transient of my experiences in discovering so many layer of human nature through natural phenomena.  I express myself with the play of lights, the formation of dews drop, the fragrance of the earth, the sense of the wind, the movement of water, and the interaction between the natural world and the modern one.

The sculptures and installations then function as conduits for my mind to the viewers mind and the sharing of thoughts, feelings and understandings of bare life.

This is a view of my empathy and my life.

03_Kim_Memory I.JPG

Title: Memory I
Medium: Acrylic and Stone on Canvas
Size: 36" x 24"

02_Kim_Memory II.JPG

Title: Memory II
Medium: Acrylic and Stone on Canvas
Size: 25" x 18"


Title: Geometric Green
Medium: Plastic Cups
Size: 320" Diameter


Title: Dew
Medium: Plastic Cups
Size: 38" x 26"