Sato Yamamoto

SATO was born in Meguro-ku, Tokyo. She graduated from Japan Women’s University to study Architecture. After working at a real estate company and an insurance company in Tokyo, she decided to become an artist. In 2013 she moved to NY and studied English at Columbia University’s American Language Program. In 2016 she receive the prize at printmaking competition in the US from the art supply company, Speedball. In the same year she received the prize at Japan Illustrators' Association International Award. Her printmaking art was desplayed at Southern Graphic Conference International 2016, one of the biggest printmaking events in US. In 2017 her woodblock printing art was desplayed at Chicago Antique Art Design show produced by the Tolman Collection New York. She had internship program as gallerist and learned gallery works at paper making company, Dieu Donne in NY. Almost all of her techniques are watercolor, acrylic, gouache and printmaking (etching, silkscreen, mono print and woodblock) or paper-making-art.


Medium: Etching
Size: 18" x 24" 


Title: Bryant Park
Medium: Mono Print
Size: 16" x 24" 


Title: Pray
Medium: Mono Print
Size: 26" x 19" 


Medium: Woodblock
Size: 18" x 24" 


Title: Snow Town
Medium: Woodblock
Size: 20" x 16"